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Just Ride

Greetings Freedom Walker!

Each day God is showing me how to enjoy this journey without asking so many questions. At times, He has to tell me to stop being a backseat driver


and just ride. While enjoying this journey this week, I reflected on how we make plans about what we will do tomorrow, next week, next month, and the next year. But death has a way of changing things. It has a way of knocking us back to reality, knocking us back to the here, the now.

Death has a way of making me reflect on my own life. Death, somehow, has a way of reminding me that life on this earth is but a vapor. We’re here today, but we may be gone tomorrow. Tomorrow is not promised. So, we have to live each day that God gives us to the fullest.

As we make ready for the weekend, I challenge you to live life to the fullest. Enjoy life. Have no regrets, knowing in your heart you lived each day like it was your last.

Be blessed and enjoy your weekend!

Your sis Rhovonda L. Brown

P.S. Will you continue celebrating my birthday month with me? Simply celebrate every blessing that God gives you, seen and unseen. Praise Him for being Lord over our lives.

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