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Martha & Mary Ministries, Walking in Freedom! ™ presents its 9th Workshop

2023 Walking in Freedom! Workshop

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October 10 -13, 2023  TIME: 7:00 PM CDT

Photo Release Notice: By registering for this event, you consent to photography, audio recording and/or video recording and release, publication, exhibition or reproduction that may be used for promotional purposes, advertising, and inclusion on our website or social media pages. Further, you agree to waive all rights to claims of payment or royalties in connection with promotional use of such media.

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THEME: Discovering Hope and Joy in Tough Times: Overcoming life’s challenges with Jesus Christ

SCRIPTURE:  21 Yet I still dare to hope when I remember this: 22 The faithful love of the Lord never ends! His mercies never cease. 23 Great is his faithfulness; his mercies begin afresh each morning. 24 I say to myself, “The Lord is my inheritance; therefore, I will hope in him!” (Lam. 3:21-24, NLT)

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Why Should You Attend?

Attending this year's workshop on discovering hope and joy in tough times can be an incredibly empowering experience for women facing life's challenges. In this workshop, women will learn how to overcome adversity and find freedom through their faith in Jesus Christ.

The workshop will provide women with the tools they need to cultivate a positive mindset and develop a deeper understanding of their own spirituality. Through guided meditations, group discussions, and various exercises, women will be able to explore their own personal struggles and discover new ways to cope with difficult situations.

By learning to rely on their faith and trust in God, women can find hope and joy in even the toughest of times. This newfound sense of purpose and resilience will enable them to take control of their lives and live a more fulfilling life. So, if you're a woman looking to break free from the chains of adversity and discover the true joy of living, attending this workshop on discovering hope and joy with Jesus Christ is an excellent place to start.

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2023 Workshop Speakers

We are thrilled to share with you the lineup of speakers for the highly anticipated 2023 Walking in Freedom! Workshop. Our team has worked tirelessly to curate a group of inspiring and knowledgeable individuals who will empower and enlighten attendees. Get ready to be inspired by these incredible speakers as they share their expertise and personal experiences with you.

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There's Hope!

Life can present us with unexpected challenges that can be overwhelming and difficult to navigate on our own, but this workshop offers a safe and supportive environment to explore ways to overcome those challenges. Join us each night, October 10-13, 2023.

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Workshop Speakers & Topics

Nightly Sessions - Starting Tuesday, October 10, 2023

TUESDAY/October 10th - 7pm CDT: Crystal Speights

SESSION: Living a Hope-Filled Life: Embracing Joy in the Journey

The Living a Hope-Filled Life: Embracing Joy in the Journey workshop session is a transformative experience that will leave you feeling inspired and motivated to live your life to the fullest. During this session, you will learn how to cultivate hope and joy in your daily life, even in the face of adversity and challenges.

Led by a Christian counselor and a certified motivational coach, this workshop will guide you through a series of interactive exercises and discussions that will help you identify your personal values, strengths, and goals. You will also learn practical biblical strategies for developing resilience, gratitude, and optimism, which are all key components of a hope-filled life.

Through this session, you will connect with a supportive community of like-minded individuals who share your desire to live a life filled with purpose, passion, and joy. Whether you are facing a difficult transition in your life, seeking greater fulfillment and meaning, or simply looking to connect with others who share your values, this workshop is the perfect opportunity to grow and thrive. So why not join us and start living your best life today?

WEDNESDAY/October 11th - 7pm CDT: CoSandra Beverly

SESSION: Healthy Habits for a Happy Life: Nutrition Strategies to Help You Thrive Through Life's Ups and Downs

Welcome to the "Healthy Habits for a Happy Life" workshop session! In this session, we will explore nutrition strategies to help you thrive through life's ups and downs. The facilitator for today's session is a vegan and health advocate who will be conducting a vegan cooking demo to show you how to create delicious and healthy meals that will nourish your body and mind.

During this session, you will learn about the benefits of a plant-based diet and how it can improve your overall health and well-being. The facilitator will guide you through the step-by-step process of preparing a delicious vegan meal, using ingredients that are affordable, accessible, and easy to find.

The facilitator will also:

  1. Explain how life's challenges can impact our relationship with food.

  2. Discuss why eating healthy is beneficial for those who are experiencing life's challenges.

  3. Describe what being a vegan means and share why she chose to become one.

  4. Give the benefits of eating vegan meals.

You will also have the opportunity to ask questions and engage in discussions about the importance of healthy eating habits. By the end of this session, you will leave with a better understanding of the role that nutrition plays in your overall health and well-being, and practical strategies for incorporating healthy eating habits into your daily routine. So come join us and discover how you can thrive through life's ups and downs with the power of healthy eating!

THURSDAY/October 12th - 7pm CDT: Kristi Smith

SESSION: My Anchor of Hope through the Storm: Finding Hope and Peace in the Midst of Grief and Loss

The My Anchor of Hope through the Storm workshop session is designed to help individuals find hope and peace in the midst of grief and loss. This workshop session is an interactive and engaging experience that is designed to help participants learn strategies for coping with the challenges of loss and grief.

The workshop is facilitated by a #1 bestselling author and speaker who has experienced grief and loss, who will gently guide participants through a variety of activities and exercises that are designed to help them find hope and peace in the midst of their pain.

Participants will learn about the different stages of grief and the common emotions that people experience during the grieving process. They will also learn about the different types of loss and how to identify their own unique experience of grief. Through group discussions and personal reflection, participants will be encouraged to share their own experiences and feelings in a safe and supportive environment.

The workshop session will also provide practical tools and techniques for coping with grief, and participants will be encouraged to explore their emotions and how they can creatively express them in healthy ways. By the end of the workshop session, participants will have a better understanding of how to find hope and peace in the midst of their grief, and will have a supportive community of fellow participants to rely on as they continue on their journey.

MENTAL HEALTH NIGHT - Let's Work Together to Prioritize our Mental Health

FRIDAY/October 13th - 6pm CDT: Joey Harmon

SESSION ONE: Supporting Loved Ones Struggling With Trauma and Depression, and Ideas for Moving Forward With Symptoms Meaningfully

The Supporting Loved Ones Struggling With Trauma and Depression workshop session is designed to provide attendees with practical tools and guidance to help them assist their loved ones who are dealing with these difficult issues. Led by a licensed professional counselor, the session will begin with an overview of the symptoms and effects of trauma and depression. Attendees will learn how to recognize the signs of these conditions and understand their impact on individuals and families.

Next, the session will delve into strategies for supporting loved ones through their journey of healing. Participants will learn how to create a safe and supportive environment, communicate effectively, and provide appropriate resources. They will also receive guidance on how to care for themselves while supporting their loved ones.

The workshop session will conclude with a discussion on how individuals can move forward meaningfully with symptoms. Attendees will learn about various tools and resources for self-care, such as mindfulness practices, exercise, and therapy. They will also explore techniques for finding purpose and meaning in life, despite the challenges of trauma and depression.

Overall, this workshop session will provide attendees with a comprehensive understanding of how to support their loved ones who are struggling with trauma and depression, and how to move forward with symptoms in a meaningful way. It is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to make a positive difference in the lives of those they care about.

FRIDAY/October 13th - 7pm CDT: Kaleb Brown

SESSION TWO: How To Navigate Anxiety, Stress, and Depression as a College Student and Musician

Welcome to our workshop session on navigating anxiety, stress, and depression as a college student and musician. As a college student, it can be challenging to juggle the responsibilities and pressures that come with academic and personal growth. It is common to experience anxiety, stress, and depression, but we are here to help you effectively manage these emotions.

In this workshop, we are honored to have college student and talented musician K.L. Brown share his strategies for coping with anxiety, stress, and depression. K.L. Brown will also perform his original song, Strong Enough, and discuss the meaning behind it. He will share various coping mechanisms, such as mindfulness, meditation, Scripture journaling, and writing, that have helped him navigate through these challenges.

We understand the importance of seeking support and resources, and will discuss the options available, such as counseling services, support groups, and trusted friends and family members. This is a safe and inclusive space where attendees can share their experiences and connect with others who may be going through similar struggles.

Our goal is to equip you with the tools and knowledge necessary to navigate these challenges and thrive as a college student. Let's work together to prioritize our mental health and well-being.

FRIDAY/October 13th - 7:30pm CDT: Dr. Lakshmi Mahadevan, Ph.D.

SESSION THREE: Stress Less with Mindfulness: Finding Peace, Joy, and Resilience During Life's Challenges

Welcome to our workshop on "Stress Less with Mindfulness: Finding Peace and Joy During Life's Challenges." Throughout the session, we will explore the meaning of mindfulness and how it can help us cope with the stressful challenges of daily life.

Led by an experienced facilitator, the workshop will begin with an introduction to mindfulness, including its origins and benefits. We will then move on to practical exercises that can be used to cultivate mindfulness in everyday life. These exercises will include guided meditations and mindful breathing.

Throughout the workshop, we will also discuss mindfulness and its impact on stress reduction and overall well-being. Participants will have the opportunity to share their experiences and ask questions, making this a collaborative and interactive learning environment.

By the end of the session, you will have a deeper understanding of mindfulness and its potential to help you find peace and joy during life's challenges. You will also have practical tools and techniques to start incorporating mindfulness into your daily routine. So come join us and start your journey towards a more mindful and stress-free life.

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Our 9th Walking in Freedom! Workshop is designed to help you find hope and joy in the midst of tough times by turning to Jesus Christ. Life can present us with unexpected challenges that can be overwhelming and difficult to navigate on our own, but this workshop offers a safe and supportive environment to explore ways to overcome these challenges. We understand that the journey towards healing can be a challenging one, but we firmly believe that with the right resources and support, anyone can overcome their struggles. Our goal is to help you find solace and happiness in Jesus Christ and provide you with an empowering and uplifting experience that will leave you feeling hopeful and rejuvenated. Join us for an unforgettable experience of growth, connection, and empowerment!

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Meet the 2023 Workshop Speakers



TOPIC: Healthy Habits for a Happy Life": Nutrition Strategies to Help You Thrive Through Life's Ups and Downs

CoSandra Grace Beverly (born February the 17th 1970.) A licensed professional hair stylist for 33 years. Enjoys shopping, crossword puzzles, going to the movies, doing crafts, cooking, working out, spending time with her family, and traveling with her husband Robert Beverly of 20 years of marriage. A personal goal was met when she started outdoor cycling in 2015 and participated in bike events. CoSandra accomplished and completed the Tour de Cure for diabetes, Bike around the Bay, MS 150 Multiple Sclerosis, and Tour de Houston.

CoSandra is a member of First Missionary Baptist Church in Angleton, Texas. Under the leadership of Pastor G.R . Holland. She enjoys serving in the adult senior choir, and the mission department, volunteering with the community kids program at her church and helping when needed on the church kitchen staff.
She loves helping and sharing with others in any way she can.
CoSandra was taught by her mother to always treat others how you would like to be treated.

One of her favorite scriptures is Proverbs 3:5-6 Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding and all thy ways acknowledge him and he shall direct thy path.

A few songs she loves:
God's Grace, Luther Barnes
He Did it For Me, Tamela Mann

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TOPIC: How I'm Navigating Anxiety, Stress & Depression as a College Student & Musician

Meet Kaleb Brown, the talented musician from Houston, Texas who goes by the stage name K.L. Brown. Brown has been honing his musical skills since the tender age of 10, and today he is an acclaimed singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. He specializes in Soul, R&B, and Folk musical styles, and his musical inspirations range from legendary artists like Marvin Gaye to contemporary singers like Stephen Day and Allen Stone.

Interestingly, K.L. Brown's musical journey began with the trombone and bass guitar. He eventually became a music teacher for elementary schools and discovered his passion for songwriting while teaching. This newfound interest led him to enroll at the prestigious Berklee College of Music, where he learned from some of the most accomplished songwriters in the industry.

K.L. Brown is not just a gifted musician, but also a man of deep faith. During his breaks from school, he returns to his hometown of Houston to serve as a worship leader and musician at his parents' church. His passion for music is matched by his love for God, and he finds joy in sharing his talents to uplift others in worship.

Even while away at school, Brown remains committed to his faith. As a student leader for the Berklee/BOCO InterVarsity Chapter, he helps lead Bible study, prayer and worship, inspiring his fellow students to deepen their own relationships with God. His favorite scripture, Psalm 34:18 NIV, speaks to his belief in God's compassion for those who are struggling: "The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit."

With his musical talent and unwavering faith, K.L. Brown is a true inspiration and bright light to aspiring musicians and music lovers all over the world.



Workshop's Creator/Host

Rhovonda is a preacher, teacher, and award-winning author who engages her audience with transparency and relatability. She is passionate about inspiring women and children to see themselves the way God sees them. Rhovonda is the founder and executive director of Martha & Mary Ministries, Walking in Freedom! ™ (M3), an educator who has written three best-selling books. She is the founder and CEO of The Pillar of Hope, Inc, and Rhovonda L. Brown Enterprise LLC.

Rhovonda has been sharing the good news of Jesus Christ for 14 years. She is a licensed and ordained minister. Rhovonda is co-pastor of The Sanctuary Christian Fellowship Church where she faithfully serves alongside her pastor and husband, Jeffrey Brown.

Rhovonda has a Master of Education - Curriculum & Instruction and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.  

Rhovonda finds joy in encouraging others to keep their eyes on the Savior and embrace freedom. Read her devotionals or listen to one of her messages and be encouraged to walk in freedom with Jesus.

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TOPIC: Supporting Loved Ones Struggling With Trauma and Depression, and Ideas for Moving Forward With Symptoms Meaningfully

Joey Harmon is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Houston, Texas at Eddins Counseling Group. He is also a National Certified Counselor with the National Board for Certified Counselors. He earned his Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, with a specialization in Play Therapy, from the University of North Texas. He also earned his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from nearby Houston Baptist University.

Joey works with diverse clients across the lifespan, facilitating Child-Centered Play Therapy for children as young as 3, as well as working with pre-adolescents, teenagers, and adults on a variety of concerns via Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. He is a rostered provider of Trauma and Grief Component Therapy for Adolescents, and is pursuing certification as a certified Child-Centered Play Therapist. Joey also provides parent coaching through the Child-Parent Relationship Training model, career counseling via the Career Construction Interview, and the revolutionary alternative to talk therapy known as Brainspotting. Lastly, Joey has the ability, training, experience, and compassion for helping virtual clients across the states of Texas and Florida.

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TOPIC: Stress Less with Mindfulness: Finding Peace, Joy, and Resilience During Life’s Challenges

Dr. Lakshmi Mahadevan, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor/Extension Mental Health & Well-Being Specialist at Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service. In her role as a Mental Health First for Adults instructor over the past three years she offers valuable training and resources to individuals and communities in Texas, equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed to respond effectively to mental health challenges.

As a professional development provider with 17 years’ experience, Dr. Mahadevan also focuses on promoting equitable classroom practices, universal designed instruction, and educational enrichment for all adult learners.



TOPIC: My Anchor of Hope through the Storm: Finding Hope and Peace in the Midst of Grief and Chaos 

Kristi Smith is a radical dreamer. Her dream is to reach into hearts and souls by Speaking Life, Cultivating Courage, Sparking Laughter, and Awakening Dreams.

Kristi is the bestselling author of “DREAM…a guide to grieving gracefully.” DREAM is an acronym for 5 keys to unlock the grip of grief. DREAM pairs each of the 5 stages of grief with an exact key to unlock that stage. DREAM is about more than mere survival – it is a new way of living. DREAM empowers grievers to propel their lives forward with dignity, strength, and grace. DREAM is not about the trauma and tragedy of her story. It is about hope and how to infuse energy and victory into your story.

On October 4, 2011, Kristi became a widow when her husband died suddenly at the age of 48. This new season of life as a widow has placed her in a unique position to infuse others with renewed hope. A degree in Psychology combined with 30+ years of ministry experience provides Kristi with a solid knowledge of how the mind, body, and spirit work together. It is this spiritual perspective that transcends the traditional view of grief.

Kristi is most alive when using the creative gifts God has given her. Kristi thrives when speaking in a variety of settings including churches, retreats, recovery centers, support groups, workshops, and youth camps. Kristi has served as a leader in women’s and singles ministries, as a youth pastor, on a praise and worship teams, and as a pastoral care director.

In addition to DREAM, Kristi shares her heart through blog posts and recently co-authored “Grief Diaries: Loss of a Spouse”. She is also excitedly working on a new book.

After living her entire life in the suburbs in Ohio, Kristi relocated to Charlotte, NC in the fall of 2014 and loves uptown living. Kristi’s greatest joy is being the mother to her two beautiful adult daughters, Abbi and Faith.

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TOPIC: Living a Hope-Filled Life: Embracing Joy in the Journey

She is a queen, GOD's servant, a daughter of royalty, wife, mother, pretty girl, and leading lady! One that knows who she is and whose she is!

A native Houstonian and preachers' kid, Crystal is a faithful servant in the Lord's kingdom. She's a wise woman, who's always ready and willing to do the work of the Lord!

Growing up, her grandmother and parents instilled in Crystal that having a relationship with God is everything!

Crystal is a certified motivational coach, Christian Counselor, and Leading Lady of True Vine Community Church. Crystal is married to Paul C. Speights and a mom to Cayla and Paul Jr. Spending quality time with her family brings her joy!

“I love DIV projects, line dancing, (good cardio) reading and cooking new recipes.”

Words of Wisdom I live by: "Take it one day at a time and trust God's process"!

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Want to Be a Vendor?

Vendor's Fee  $50+

Are you a woman who sells a product or service that empowers women to embrace who they are? Are you looking for opportunities to grow your business and network with other women-owned businesses?

We're inviting you to come enhance our next event. Come fellowship and network with a diverse group of women, while marketing your business or ministry. Click on the button below to complete the Vendor's Form and someone from our team will contact you if you are selected.

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Christian Speakers Needed

Are you a woman who loves encouraging and empowering women? Have you triumphed over a traumatic experience?

We're inviting you to come enhance our next event. Come share your story that will bring comfort and freedom to women who may need your encouragement. As a speaker, you'll have an opportunity to fellowship with other women, inspire them to draw closer to Christ, and walk in freedom.

Click on the button below to complete the Speaker's Form.

*If selected, someone from our team will contact you.

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Christian Speakers & Business Owners

Speaker & Vendor's Fee:  $150

Are you a Christian speaker who loves teaching and encouraging women to walk in freedom? Have you triumphed over a traumatic experience? Do you own a business and sell products or services that empower women?

If you answered YES to all three questions, let's collaborate! We're inviting you to come market your products or services and we will bring the audience. Share your story, mission, and passion for creating your product, starting your business, or ministry.  As a speaker and business owner at the event, you'll have an opportunity to:

  • Fellowship with other women

  • Inspire women to draw closer to Christ and strengthen relationships

  • Network

  • Sell your products/services to the attendees.

  • Display your business logo, brand, and products/services.

  • Receive 100% of your sales. We will not receive any portion of your sales.

Click on the button below to complete the Christian Speaker & Business Owner Form. Someone from our events team will contact you if you have been selected as a collaborator.

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