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Pastor Rhovonda L. Brown


Rhovonda is a preacher, teacher, and award-winning author who engages her audience with transparency and relatability. She is passionate about inspiring women and children to see themselves the way God sees them. Rhovonda is the founder and executive director of Martha & Mary Ministries, Walking in Freedom! ™ (M3), an educator who has written three best-selling books, and the founder and CEO of The Pillar of Hope, Inc, and Rhovonda L. Brown Enterprise LLC.

Rhovonda has been sharing the good news of Jesus for nearly14 years. She was licensed to preach in 2008 and ordained a year later by Bishop and Pastor Jeanie Glenn, pastors of Family of Faith Fellowship Church. Rhovonda was ordained again in 2015 under her husband and co-pastor, Pastor Jeffrey of The Sanctuary Christian Fellowship Church.

Rhovonda has a Master of Education - Curriculum & Instruction and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.  

Rhovonda finds joy in encouraging others to keep their eyes on the Savior. Read her devotionals or listen to one of her sermons and be encouraged to walk in freedom with Jesus.

Contact us to set up a meeting, an interview, or to submit a request for Pastor Rhovonda L. Brown to speak at one of your events! We’ll get back to you with scheduling possibilities as soon as possible.

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Pastor Rhovonda Encourages You to Walk in Freedom with Jesus Christ!

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Face Your Giant

We have giants in our lives and they can represent anything. Giants make us feel that what’s on the other side is impossible to reach. Giants make us feel that those dreams are unreachable, unobtainable. Giants tell us it cannot be done and they make us feel defeated and hopeless.

Are you facing a giant today? Pastor Rhovonda wants to empower you with strategies and practical steps aligned with biblical principles to help you to face your giant with courage, clarity, and creativity. 

Leave the evening empowered and inspired to face whatever comes your way!

March 31, 2023 @7pm on Zoom Tickets are $25. RSVP NOW!

Join Rhovonda for a night of empowerment and encouragement. Face Your Giant: A Night of Empowerment & Inspiration.

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Join the Walking in Freedom! Workshop Waitlist

As we make plans for the 2023 Walking in Freedom! Workshop, we want to invite you to join the waitlist. Be the first to know when registration opens, workshop topics are released, speaker announcements, discounts, and more.

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Christian Speakers Needed

Are you a woman who loves encouraging and empowering women? Have you triumphed over a traumatic experience?

We're inviting you to come enhance our next event. Come share your story that will bring comfort and freedom to women who may need your encouragement. As a speaker, you'll have an opportunity to fellowship with other women, inspire them to draw closer to Christ, and walk in freedom.

Click on the button below to complete the Speaker's Form.

*If selected, someone from our team will contact you.

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We are driven by our passion to encourage the hurting and a desire to see every woman come into the full knowledge of her true worth and potential, which can only be found in our Savior, Jesus Christ. Connect with our women ministry on social media for inspirational posts throughout the week.

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So You Want To Write A Book? makes it impossible to make another excuse as to why you have not written your book. This book aims to motivate you to start and cross the finish line for publishing your book. Designed like a workbook, So You Want To Write A Book? keeps you focused while guiding you through a step-by-step process for becoming a self-published author.

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Resources for Professional & Spiritual Growth

Rhovonda L. Brown Enterprise LLC provides consultation, mentoring, coaching, marketing, web design, professional, spiritual, and personal development, author support, workshops, and digital courses (coming soon!). With our multi-service, we are enthusiastic about supporting individuals who have a passion to share their unique gifts with the world.

Rhovonda L. Brown Enterprise LLC directly impacts the success of our clients by identifying and supporting their purpose, passion, and goals for personal, spiritual, and professional growth. We are ready to support and empower you. Let’s get started today!

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