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For By Him We Can

With your help I can defeat an army. If my God is with me, I can climb over enemy walls. (Psalm 18:29, ERV)

Today I am embarking on something new. Well, actually it’s a familiar territory, but I am doing it in a new way. Over a year ago, I attempted to accomplish a certain goal. It started off great! I dived right into it and to be honest, I was doing very well. I was on my way to accomplishing that goal that I set out to do. However, as the months went by, I begin to get discouraged. I was discouraged because I did not see the changes that I thought I should have seen. As a result, I begin slacking off. I begin to allow obstacles and distractions to pull me off track. Eventually, the goal that started off as being most essential to me became less important. Soon, that achievable goal was sitting back on the shelf collecting dust.

Recently, I begin to wonder what went wrong. Why did that goal that was so significant to me at the beginning, became less urgent? How did the drive and fire that I initially possess go away? Well, I realize I had been doing a lot of things wrong.

I started off trying to accomplish this huge task, this huge goal on my own. I relied on my own strength and wisdom. Then, I enlisted a little help from others, but I failed to rely on the most important person. I didn’t rely on God. Yes, I had help and the support of family and friends. I received expert advice; however, I did not utilize the supernatural support and the supernatural expertise from the Creator. I needed supernatural power, supernatural wisdom, and supernatural guidance, which only comes from God, in order to accomplish that challenging goal. I needed my Heavenly Father’s help.

So, today, I am trying it again. I’m embarking on a familiar territory, but I’m doing it in a new way. I’m determined to accomplish that goal that I started over a year ago. I’m going to continue to use the support of my family and friends, because it’s good to have the support of others. But God will be the ultimate decision maker. When stumbling blocks and diversions come, I will make petitions to my faithful Father. I will look to Him for the help and support that’s needed to accomplish any goal.

Sister, we have supernatural support waiting for us to ask for His help. For by Him, we can achieve anything.

Christ is the one who gives me the strength I need to do whatever I must do. (Phil. 4:13 ERV)

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Originally posted on my Walking in Freedom! website

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