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Are You In?

Good Afternoon!

We are looking for individuals who like to post, tweet, pin, blog, periscope, etc. and individuals who don’t mind praying, to be part of our TUESDAY MORNING PRAYERS Launch Team. If this is something you enjoy doing, read the entire information below. Then click on the link to fill out the form.

As a Tuesday Morning Prayers Launch Team member, you will receive:

  1. A complimentary copy of Tuesday Morning Prayers

  2. A complimentary digital copy of Tuesday Morning Prayers

  3. A complimentary  digital copy of Walking In Freedom: 7-Day Prayer Plan eBook

  4. A special mention in the book!

  5. An exclusive invitation and access to the Tuesday Morning Prayerprivate Facebook group, where we’ll discuss the book, I’ll answer your tough questions, get discounts and first dibs on related material!

  6. Links to your blog and Facebook page (if you want) on my website

  7. Free gifts that go along with the message, including printable action guides, planning helps, affirmation cards, coloring pages, and more.

Here’s what will be asked of you as a Launch Team member:

*Agree to read the book ASAP

*Agree to leave a review on Amazon on launch date

*Agree to do at least one of the following options (if you are a blogger):

            1. Write a review on your blog about the book

            2. Interview the author on your blog or podcast

            3. Host a Bible study on your blog.

*Agree to share images about the book on your social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest,  etc.), and with family and friends. Images will be provided to you in the private Facebook group. I will send email reminders as well. SUPER easy!

*Agree to be active within the Facebook group

*Agree to help spread the word about the book (you’ll be equipped with tools to share)

 The launch will last 6 weeks and will start Monday, July 18, 2016.

Are you in? To apply, complete the form by clicking on the link HERE.

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND: The deadline to apply to be part of the Launch Team is Friday, June 24, 2016. Team members will be contacted by the end of the day on June 20, 2106. [Be sure to check your spam filters that week!]

Any questions, please email me at

I’m so happy that you’re willing and want to take this journey with me. Hold on to your seats! It’s going to be an incredible ride!

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