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We’ve all experienced it and we will continue to experience it until the day we die. Pain can make us bitter or it can make us stronger. I heard someone say, “no pain no gain.” Physical pain can cause us to cry out like a baby, pleading with our Maker to make it stop. Emotional pain can be the worst kind of pain. It grips at our hearts; pulling and tugging at us, and tries to suck what little joy that we have. We can’t rid ourselves of pain by the use medicine, drugs, alcohol, or counseling. These aides (medicine, drugs, alcohol, counseling and others) may give us relief for a brief period of time, but they won’t rid us of the pain completely. It is a fact, pain will be experienced until the day we take our last breath. Those of us, who are Believers, have a promise that we’ll not experience any more pain once we cross over from death to glory (Rev. 21:4)!! Praise the Almighty God!!! Until then, pain will continue to exist. And at times, we will experience pain in order to get to where God wants to take us. My sister, I have a question for you. How do you handle pain? Do you tackle it head on, standing firm on God’s Word? Do you try to drown yourself in all kinds of aides that will only give you temporary relief? Do you wallow in your pain – allowing it to suffocate and suck you dry? The next time pain comes to your doorstep, how will you deal with it? In your devotional time, read about Job, Joseph, or any of the men and women in the bible who’ve experienced pain but came out bigger and better than before. Read their story and may you be encouraged today to trust God in your pain. Encouraging You to Walk in Freedom! ™

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*Originally posted January 14, 2011.

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