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6 Ways to Show Love: August is Black Business Month

Did you know that August is Black Business Month? Even though the month of August is nearly over, you still have time to celebrate Black Businesses. Want to know how you can show love and support for Black businesses (large or small), organizations, and entrepreneurs?

Here are 6 ways you can show some love and support during the month of August to celebrate Black Business Month.

1. Be intentional. Make a conscious decision to support Black-owned businesses, organizations, and entrepreneurs. And just do it. Use this link to find a listing of Black businesses in your area.

2. Kindly request a specific product or service. Perhaps they don’t have anything specific that you need or want, currently. Therefore, kindly request that item. Perhaps they will provide it or recommend another business. But you’ll never know unless you say something.

3. Donate. Consider donating to a Black-owned business. You can bless them with a large or small donation. Sow a seed and watch it return to you hundredfold in more ways than you can imagine. If you know the name of a Black-owned charitable organization, use this link to make donations. Also, you don’t have to limit your donations to only nonprofits, think about donating to small Black businesses, and entrepreneurs.

Donate to a Black-owned charitable organization: Buy Black:

Yours truly, is a Black business owner and I would love your support!

4. Learn about a Black-owned business, organization, or entrepreneur. Visit their websites. Go visit their brick and mortar. Follow them on social media. Are they making positive changes in their industry, community, or world? Learn the why, who, and what motivated these owners to start their businesses. Learn about their mission statements, partnerships, and sponsors. Read their “About Us” page to learn about their background and expertise. You may discover the commonalities between their passions and yours.

5. Volunteer. Volunteer your time, talent, and/or services to a Black-owned business or organization. Volunteer at their annual event, conference, or fundraiser. Use the link below and begin volunteering today. Not able to volunteer? Well, consider participating in a Black business webinar, watch their Facebook Live, or join their social media group. Your support makes a huge difference.

6. Spread the word. Spread the word around about a Black business, entrepreneur, or organization that you support or supporting. Telling others about Black businesses is simple, free, and easy. Go ahead and spread the word on social media. Share, like, comment, subscribe, and/or repost positive reviews and information about Black businesses, entrepreneurs, and organizations.

Now, there you have it. These are a few ways you can show love and support to Black businesses, entrepreneurs, and organizations during the month of August. If I may add, you don’t have to wait until August to show love to Black businesses. It’s never too late or too early to support us. We appreciate you and the love you show.

Have some more ideas on how to support Black businesses? I would love to hear about them. Leave a message below.

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Yours truly, is a Black business owner and I would love your support! Want to learn more about Black history, Black Lives Matter, and resources for a healthier you? Visit The Pillar of Hope, Inc. and while you are there join their mailing list.

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